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Jun 18, 2012

Strawberry Picking & A Pie

The weather this season has been awful for all of the plants, especially the strawberries. But despite all of that we went out into the fields this week, determined to pick through the scattered crops and fill our baskets with these fresh, juicy strawberries that we love so much. 

It was scarce, but we managed to do pretty well and it has definitely been rewarding to have these beauties to snack on...

I absolutely love strawberries but none of them ever taste as good as the ones we pick ourselves. On the way back from the farm they made our car smell so good and all I could think about was eating them dipped in warm, melted chocolate, my favorite!

But we had way too many strawberries to just eat them with chocolate, so why not use them to make something even better? And here you have it, strawberry pie!

This is the easiest pie that I have ever made and by far one of the best.  Maybe it's because I love these fresh strawberries so much or maybe it's because of all that incredible whipped cream that I pile on top of my pieces. The vanilla pudding mix whipped with the cream is the best thing I've ever tasted. There's no way I could go back to eating store bought whipped cream after this! Just wait until you try it.

One slice of this and you'll be in strawberry heaven. 


Recipe from, Gooseberry Patch: Patchwork Potluck

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