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Jul 23, 2012

Plum Tarts

I was at a farmers market and saw these beautiful plums. I didn't have a recipe in mind but bought them on impulse because they were so beautiful and I knew I wanted to photograph them. 

They sat in my fridge for a few days and I almost forgot about them because I still couldn't make up my mind on what to do with them. I was starting to get anxious...I couldn't waste them!

One evening I was flipping through an issue of Martha Stewart Living and saw this recipe for a striped plum tart. Aha! Finally a use for my pretty little plums.

I had left over puff pastry in my freezer from the last tart I made, perfect. And I already had the almonds, heavy cream, apricot jam and of course the plums. Usually my blog posts are a much longer process, I always have to go shopping to get everything. This was so simple it was almost too good to be true. Don't you just love it when things fall together like that? 

Short, sweet & simple...just like these tarts.

Recipe: Striped Plum Tart, Martha Stewart 

(I made individual tarts instead of one large tart. They baked for about 25 minutes.)


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