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May 6, 2013

Casart Coverings Shoot

Back in January I took a trip down to Virginia and met Ashley Spencer, the owner of this awesome company called Casart Coverings. They make wall coverings in all different designs that you peel right off of the paper and stick it right onto your mess, no tools needed. And the best can peel it off when you're ready for a change!

I was first connected with Ashley through Houzz where she found my article on Kristin Nicholas's amazing home. Kristin ended up designing her own wall coverings for Casart and then she introduced Ashley and I. After lots of work, connecting people and organizing this shoot, it finally came together out in Long Island at the end of February.

It was such a fun shoot! And not only did I get to style and photograph these sets but there was an extra element that made this all very! Dennis O'Clair, an incredible videographer was able to come along and shoot a neat little video for Casart. Combining stills and video is such a great way to capture two different types of moments of one scene, it was such a fun experience for us all. Click over to Dennis's vimeo account to see the video, and you'll also notice that I was the designated hand model and dance model for the video! 

The concept behind this shoot is that you can take these wall coverings through each stage of life from a baby's bedroom up to your grandmother's living room. 

Here's a little sneak peek of some of the shots:

Baby's Room

Teenage Girl's Room

First Time Renters Romatic Dinner Scene

First Time Renters Breakfast Scene

Homeowner's Bedroom

Grandma's Living room