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Aug 16, 2016

Chicken Salad for NY Times

As the mid summer heat wears on, I find it difficult to crave anything that isn’t cold, light, and refreshing. So naturally when I was given the opportunity to shoot Julia Moskin’s recipe I was ecstatic to add another dish to my summer cooking repertoire. Southern cooking has revealed another hidden gem that I was proud to photograph: The best chicken salad.

I’ll be the first to admit that mayonnaise at midday in the summer isn’t usually my first choice, which is why this revamped classic is so appealing. A unique method for poaching the chicken adds texture and moisture back into the meat, while the sour cream (or homemade crème fraîche) lightens the load that traditional mayonnaise-based chicken salads will bring to the table. What is so great about this recipe – besides its versatility – is the easy preparation, as the core cooking competencies required include cutting veggies and boiling water. The contrast between crisp bits of celery, nuts, and melt-in-your-mouth chicken is reminiscent of your grandmother’s cooking, except that you made it all by yourself. She would be so impressed!

This recipe brings life to a classic yet simple fan favorite, and offers a cool and refreshing break from the hot summer sun. Make your grandmother proud and try out the recipe for yourself.

Go here for the recipe and here to read the full article!

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May 31, 2015

Summer Fruit Shrub

I photographed Kim Severson's pretty summer fruit shrub for the New York Times a couple weeks ago. For those of you who may not be familiar with what a shrub is, it's a tart drinkable vinegar that is softened with sugar and plenty of time and then mixed with spirits, water or carbonated water. 

It's very easy to make, great for summer and you can play around with different fruits, herbs and vegetables to switch up the flavor and make it either sweet or savory.

Check out the article, The Modern American Shrub, and get the recipe here

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Nov 24, 2014

An Oh My Veggies, Meatless Thanksgiving!

I photographed this delicious, vegetarian, Thanksgiving menu that the wonderful ladies at Oh My Veggies are sharing. The spread includes traditional sides with a twist, gravy and a main dish!

Click on the dish titles to get the full recipes and even more photos. We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Lentil and Roasted Root Vegetable Strudel

Vegan Green Bean Casserole with French Fried Onions

Slow Cooker Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Caramelized Onion Gravy

Wild Rice Pilaf with Brussels Sprouts and Sage Vinaigrette

Pumpkin Cheddar Stuffing

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Jun 13, 2014

New Work in Pure Green Magazine

This past winter I photographed Dana Worlock's home for the current issue of Pure green Magazine. Everytime I go to Dana's I leave feeling so inspired! Her home is bright, creative and fun. She decorates with pops of color and always has her children's sweet artwork displayed in each room. Dana is also a floral designer and I simply love what she can do with some fresh blooms. You should definitely pick up a copy of Pure Green to read about the Worlock's home and the article is in good company- there are so many great stories and photographs amongst these pages!

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Mar 26, 2014

Sweet Potato Bibimbap

Last week I got to photograph Julia Mueller's bibimbap recipe that's up today on Oh My Veggies. I had never had bibimbap before this and I was really excited to make it and eat it! I love that Julia's version has sweet potatoes in the dish, it makes the whole meal really hearty and satisfyingly filling. 

Go check out the recipe on Oh My Veggies!

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Jan 15, 2014


Last week I started off the new year right by shooting 4 delicious and healthy smoothie recipes for Kiersten over at Oh My Veggies! Kiersten and I have been scheming up ideas together for over a year now and I pounce on every opportunity that we get to work togther. 

With the start of this new year some very exciting changes have come to her blog. Kiersten now has 4 awesomely talented contributing writers, Julia Mueller of The Roasted Root, Karen Troughton of Kitchen Treaty, McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped and Meg van der Kruik of Beard & Bonnet. In addition to Kiersten's recipes and posts, each of these 4 ladies will be sharing their own as well. How exciting!? I can't wait to continue working with this greatly talented bunch!

Get the recipes:

Kare's Pineapple Coconut Smoothie

Julia's Kale-Ginger Detox Smoothie

McKel's Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie

Kiersten's Spicy Mango Mandarin Smoothie

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Feb 14, 2013

Red Velvet

Back in December I was asked to make my editor a cake for his birthday. When he sent me the recipe for a red velvet cake I was so excited! It happens to be his favorite, just like mine. I've been waiting (ever so patiently) since then for another excuse to make this recipe. And Valentine's day is always the perfect excuse for me to eat all the red velvet that I can. 

Every year I get so excited for February because it seems to be the month of red velvet. You can find it anywhere and everywhere, in all sorts of shapes and cream, whoopie pies, cupcakes, name it. 

What I really love about this red velvet cake recipe in particular is the frosting. It isn't the traditional cream cheese frosting that you so often see paired with red velvet. It's a sweeter, lighter and more subtle frosting. Basically, it's perfect. 

To get the recipe head on over to FOLK Magazine's blog

I hope you all have a wonderful, red velvet filled Valentine's day! 

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Aug 1, 2012

Grapefruit-Gin Cocktail Shake

I don't know how August snuck up on me so fast. Wasn't it just June last week? Apparently not, but no way am I going to let the rest of summer get away from me as quickly as it has been! It's my favorite season but somehow it always seems to be the shortest. Funny how that works isn't it? 

To keep summer on my mind I made these monstrously delicious and oh so refreshing, grapefruit-gin cocktail shakes. Vanilla ice cream plus raspberry sorbet plus a teensy bit of grapefruit juice plus a splash of gin equals amazing. It's simple, cool and sweet... just the way I like my summers too. 

Normally I don't like the flavor of grapefruit but in this drink it adds just a small amount of its unique citrus-y flavor that compliments the creamy vanilla ice cream and bold taste of the raspberry sorbet. Top this cocktail shake with a slice of lemon and you're in business. 

This is the perfect frozen treat for summer, I love it, it is soooo good! And the gin...well that's just an added bonus :)

Grapefruit-Gin Cocktail Shake

1 pint raspberry sorbet

1/3 to 2/3 cup pink grapefruit juice, chilled

1 pint vanilla ice cream

1/4 cup gin or pink grapefruit juice

lemon slices

In blender combine sorbet and 1/3 cup grapefruit juice; cover and blend until smooth. Blend in ice cream and gin. If necessary, blend in additional grapefruit juice. Divide among four tall glasses. Garnish with lemon slices. Makes 4 servings. 


Recipe from Better Homes & Gardens

After talking to one of my favorite bloggers, Kiersten, I'm thinking of revisiting the idea of holding a food photography & styling workshop next spring. I might have found the perfect place for it. Email me ( if you want to be put on a waiting list, even before any of the details are worked out. 

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Jun 14, 2012

Iced Tea & Cookies

Have you ever had ginger and orange together? It is a magnificent combination that I don't think I use often enough at all. When I found this recipe I knew it was going to be good as soon as I saw the fresh ginger and "garnish with orange slices".  And sure enough, I was right. 

I'm normally not a tea drinker but I do make some exceptions for a few different iced tea flavors. I go for peach, raspberry and lemon but other than those three, that's it. A lot of times I make things for this blog that I'd rather photograph than eat (I'm a little bit picky!) but I love when I find a recipe that I end up really liking too and this ginger sun tea is one of them. If you're having a BBQ or picnic you should definitely make a pitcher of this to serve your guests, it's a perfect summer drink!

This couldn't be any easier to make and not to mention so much better than store bought iced tea! If you're worrying about how the fresh ginger will make it taste, don't. It adds just a light hint which makes this tea ten times more refreshing. And when you put those orange slices in... oh is it delicious! I put a lot in my tea and let it sit there for a little to really let the flavors combine, the citrus perfectly compliments the ginger.

A nice glass of iced tea wouldn't be the same without cookies to go along with it. My choice of cookie to accompany my tea drinking are these chocolate chip bars. They're so simple and it's the perfect snack that reminds me of picnic baskets, plaid blankets and sitting outside in the green grass with blue skies and puffy white clouds above. 

I used 4 Tablespoons of sugar because I wasn't sure if it would be sweet enough for my liking (I don't do well with unsweetened tea) and it really was perfect for my taste. But if you don't like very sweet tea then I'd put 2 or 3 Tablespoons in.  


Ginger Sun Tea recipe from: Gooseberry Patch, Patchwork Potluck

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May 28, 2012

Making Basil Lemonade

I've had my eye on this recipe for quite some time. And really, I couldn't have picked a better weekend to make it than this past one. It was hot. So, very hot. The kind of heat that gets you as soon as you walk out the door. This lemonade was the perfect bit of relief. 

Now you might think that basil and lemons sounds a little weird together because honestly, they do. But I assure you, it is a most magnificent combination when it comes to lemonade. If you only want a small hint of the basil use something close to 13 leaves, but if you love it like I do, use 20 or even more leaves. I'm making this again and putting in more basil because the lemon is quite strong. I also want to try a version substituting the basil for mint- we have tons in our garden. 

This was my first time making my own homemade lemonade and it was ten times better than any other I've ever had. The lemons made my house smell incredible, especially combined with the basil. When I tasted the syrup that you make with the water, sugar, lemon zest and basil I knew right away that it was going to be delicious!

Add lemon slices to your pitcher or glasses and garnish with extra basil and lemon zest. This is the perfect recipe for a refreshing summer drink!

Recipe adapted from right here

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!


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Mar 9, 2012

Refreshing Lemon Mint Cucumber Water

All this warm weather has been so delightful! It really feels like spring which couldn’t make me any happier. I had some left over cucumber from my asparagus ribbon salad and some left over mint from my St. Patrick’s day shoot (which I’m really excited about). So, I was looking for something to make when I remembered this refreshing drink. I was helping a friend take photos of a spa in Boston last year and saw a lady who worked there making a huge pitcher of this lemon mint cucumber water and it looked soooo good. 

I’ve always loved lemon in my water but never went the extra step and added mint or cucumber slices. But now, I am so glad that I did!! Lemon, mint and cucumber are each the epitome of freshness to me and when I put the three together it was pure bliss! I don’t really like soda at all and drinking fruit juices all the time can get a little too sweet. This water totally wipes your taste buds clean (in a good way) and makes you feel super hydrated and refreshed. 

I don’t have a formal recipe for this because you can add as much or as little lemon, cucumber and mint as you’d like...whatever you think tastes better. I personally put 2 slices of lemon, 2 slices of cucumber and a bunch of mint leaves in these little mason jars and filled them with crushed ice and then water. It was the perfect ratio for me but you can play around with what you like.



I know I don’t drink enough water so I’ll be keeping a pitcher of this in my fridge from now on!

Zora enjoyed the warm weather too...she got to sit outside on the deck, one of her favorite spots. 

Happy Friday!!

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Jan 23, 2012

Homemade Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate

This weekend was a cold and snowy one. I was exctied for our first substantial snowfall since Halloween but now that its been drenched over with rain, it's just plain icky outside. I couldn't think of anything better to go with this winter weather than hot cocoa and marshmallows. I've been wanting to make homemade marshmallows for a long time but couldn't settle on which recipe to use because there are so many out there. After much research, I finally settled on Alton Brown's recipe. It looks like it's a lot of work and I was intimidated at first, but really it was one of the easiest things I've ever made. I didn't quite whip the marshmallows long enough so they didn't come out as fluffy as they should but they taste amazing. Ten times better than store bought ones. I was never able to eat more than one marshmallow by itself but with these I can...they're so tasty!

I got the hot chocolate recipe from the wonderful cookbook that my friend Sarah gave me. I will never ever use the powder mix for making hot chocolate again! This recipe came out so much better than I ever thought it would. It's thick, creamy and super chocolatey which is why I love it- plus it only takes a few minutes to make. I put 4 marshmallows in my cup while I was drinking it and the marshmallows started to melt into the cocoa a little bit and it tasted incredible. They absorbed the creamy cocoa making them even more mouth watering. The hot chocolate was so creamy and combined with the marshmallows I would actually recommend serving this as a dessert because it was SO filling!

The marshmallows were definitely sticky to cleanup but once you put everything in warm water it all washed away easily. Then I made even more of a mess with the cornstarch and confectioners sugar mix, lining the pan and taking the marshmallows out of the pan the next day and coating the sides of them with it. But it was well worth the mess. I was really happy that the big slab of marshmallow slid right out of the pan, no sticking or anything. It was so easy!

When we have a fire in the fireplace next I will definitely be toasting these and making s'mores! You can also make these at Christmas time and give them away as gifts with a mug and cocoa mix. Or if you're stuck inside on a snowy day make a batch of these with the cocoa and you'll be all set. 

Store the marshmallows in an air tight container for up to 3 weeks. 


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Dec 18, 2011

Red & Gold: Sparkling Punch!

Exactly one week til Christmas, can you believe it?? Every year for Christmas we always serve some type of punch with the food. We usually go with something fruity and add sherbert in it, which is very delicious. But this year we're trying something new that has a more spicy, sophisticated taste to it...sparkling punch. This recipe and pictures are from my third and final shoot that I have featured in N.E.E.T. Magazine's Holiday issue.  This setup was so much fun to do, I absolutely love red and gold together and I love the look of layered fabrics of the same color family. As you can imagine, I had a blast in the fabric store when buying for this shoot. 

An added touch that really make this punch sparkle are the edible gold stars that can be found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. These are the same stars that I topped my snickerdoodles with to make them more festive looking! They really make this punch stand out with an extra sparkle of gold against the deep red tone. 


Cinnamon and allspice are the ingredients that make this punch taste so wonderful. With the cranberry juice, it's a perfect combination of sweet and spicy. If you buy long cinnamon sticks you can leave them in the punch for looks and an extra kick of cinnamon. Layer different shades of red and gold fabric in the center of your table and place the punch on top of them for a beautiful, festive centerpiece.


The recipe:



This punch is super easy to make, tastes amazing and looks divine. It's definitely something to be served on Christmas!



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Oct 16, 2011

Apple Cider Slushies

Since it's fall it's the perfect time for apple cider! It's been going back and forth between warm and humid  to freezing cold on a daily basis. On the cold days a cup of hot apple cider couldn't be more inviting, but what about those muggy days that keep you from switching to sweaters instead of tees? Apple cider slushies are the key! 


I had this idea the other day when the temperature was back in the 80s. All you need is crushed ice and delicious apple cider. Fill up a glass to the top with the ice and pour in the apple cider and there you go! You can crush the ice as fine as you want. I prefer it to be thicker but both are tasty.



With a decorative straw it's perfect for fall parties or gatherings!  


Try it out, it's delicious and super easy to make.


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