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Dec 21, 2011

Oh, Fudge.

There are so many recipes for all these different types of fudge out there, but honestly, there is only one recipe for fudge that I can eat endlessly without that, "Please no more fudge ever", feeling that I sometimes get. And that is this recipe for Ribbon Fantasy Fudge. My mom has made this every year since I was really little and didn't even know what fudge was. I remember watching her melt the chocolate and patiently waiting to lick the spoon. 

I think the reason why this fudge appeals to my taste buds so much is because it's not just one flavor, like plain chocolate or peanut butter. It's a combination of both with an added ingredient that really blends the two together perfectly, marshmallow fluff. It's not a real heavy fudge either, so you can eat it without feeling like you overloaded on the sweets. Another plus is that it doesn't ever get crumbly or flakey like most fudge that I've eaten, it's very soft and smooth. 


On Christmas eve, I'd always pick out the cookies to leave for santa and would put lots of fudge on the plate. One year, on Christmas day there was one piece of fudge left on the plate and it had a bite mark in it. I remember watching my mom pick it up and eat it and thought how incredibly gross it was that she just ate something that santa had already bitten. Years later I put the pieces together and thought wow, nice slip mom. I always think of that when eating this fudge. 


The recipe:


You can use crunchy peanut butter also, if that's something you like.

4 more days to go! Can you believe it? Happy early Christmas!





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