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Jan 20, 2012

Something Delicious: Chevrolat Sausage

When I was younger I never liked the taste of sausage and growing up in an Italian family that was pretty shocking to most of my relatives. I was actually a very picky eater for most of my childhood but luckily now I'm cured (for the most part). But still, nowadays, regualr sausage doesn't appeal to me all that much. I'll eat it but only in small amounts. However, this chevrolat sausage I love. I remember the first time trying it and couldn't believe it was sausage because it tastes a lot different, and in my opinion, so much better!

Chevrolat is just a fancy word for Italian sausage with cheese. Actually, it's exact ingredients are: a blend of fresh cut of pork, imported cheese, garlic and parsley in a thin rope style casing.  It makes a perfect appetizer or main dish for a special occasion. You may notice that it is a lot thinner than regular sausage and it is only available in this thin rope style. 

My favorite way to cook chevrolat is on the grill, I love when it's 100% cripsy. So if you're having a barbecue and want to make something other than hot dogs and hamburgers I definitely recommend chevrolat. Or, if you want to go completely Italian, you can broil it in the oven until the top is crispy and brown, then flip it over for the same thing. After you broil it you can either serve it on the side with pasta and marinara sauce, or, what my family does, is after broiling it put it right in your sauce and let it sit in there while you are cooking the sauce. It gives the sauce a delicious flavor and likewise for the chevrolat. These are just two ways of cooking it but of course there are so many things you can do with this, like slicing it into little pieces and serving it over pasta with an alfredo sauce. Really the possibilites are endless. You can get chevrolat at any Italian deli and I really recommend trying it, it'll surprise you at how different and flavorful sausage really can be!

To completely switch gears here, I had to share these pictures with you. I went shopping with a friend this week and saw this giraffe squeaky toy. I love giraffes (they're my favorite animal-second to Zora of course) and Zora loves squeaky toys so I absolutely HAD to get it for her. She was so happy when I brought this home to her. When she's tired of playing with it, she cuddles up next to's the cutest thing!

Happy Friday!!