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Feb 27, 2012

Homemade Shortbread

I had a wonderful and busy 2 weeks in Boston and am now back in NY. I have to admit though, that I missed being in my own kitchen baking. I have been wanting to make this shortbread since my dear friend, Sarah, gave me that cookbook that I talked about back in December. Growing up, shortbread wasn’t a part of our usual baked goods that we had laying around the house, but the first time I tried it a few years ago I loved it. It’s crumbly but buttery so it isn’t super dry, which is a really awesome combination. 

So, yes, this was my first time making shortbread and it was a piece of cake! It was so easy and actually really fun to mix the the dry ingredients with the butter using my hands and slowly watching it turn into a dough. Before this, I really had no clue how shortbread was made, so maybe I’m overreacting a little bit, but it was neat to make...I enjoyed it! 

I have a feeling it will all be gone within a few days (especially since I’ve been snacking on it all day). Dipping it in melted chocolate as you eat it tastes euphoric. 

I turned my back for one second and Zora tried to snatch a piece of shortbread. She’s so bad! 

But other than that she is doing well. I can tell she missed watching me take pictures when I was away, because she was right there as soon as I got out my gear and props. 

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