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Mar 14, 2012

Shamrock Peppermint Creams

I’m probably about 3% Irish, but as a little kid I always got strangely excited for St. Patrick’s Day. In grade school we would go outside for recess and come back in to find the items in our desks were all messed up and rearranged and the teachers told us it was from the pesky leprechauns. I don’t know why but I thought that was the coolest thing ever.  Then there was the corned beef and potatoes...LOVED it! We only have it once a year, March 17th of course, and it’s still one of my favorite things ever. 

Fresh mint...minty fresh

This is another recipe from the book my wonderful friend Sarah got me. If you’re wondering what a peppermint cream is think of it as a slightly larger after dinner mint. That’s what it reminds me of. It works better if you use a miniature shamrock cookie cutter which is what the recipe calls for. But after I searched multiple stores up and down for a miniature one I had to go with a regular sized one, which is why mine look a bit big. 

I love all things minty and I love them even more when paired with chocolate, so I strongly suggest you dip them in some melted chocolate. They taste amazing and quite refreshing! 

I sprinkled some St. Patty’s Day sprinkles on mine as well.

If you’re asking yourself what’s with the green milk?..allow me to explain. Yes, it’s a styling thing, I love to color coordinate whenever I can. But I actually got the idea from my next door neighbor many years ago when I was babysitting her two kids. It was St. Patrick’s Day and they were both just as excited as I was when I was their age. They asked for some milk and I went into the fridge to get it and noticed the whole jug was dyed green. I was informed that the leprechauns did it. I thought it was the neatest idea ever. So if you ever see me dye my milk colors, that’s where I got it from!


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