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Jun 27, 2011

Phase IV Final Portfolio

Here's the video my instructor Dennis O'Clair made about our final portfolios. I'm in it twice (with the purple shorts and white shirt! haha) Hope you enjoy it, it really is incredibly done!


I'm working on a post about graduation, it'll be coming soon!


Jun 20, 2011

Promo Video

It's finally here! This is the promo video that me and my classmates worked on for our end of the year video assignment. It was all shot with our 5d mark ii's and edited in final cut pro.

It's so weird to hear my voice! haha, I hope you enjoy it. It's a little slice of what I go through when I do a food shoot. 


Jun 2, 2011

Hallmark video

I was interviewed by my instructor, John Nordell, yesterday about a half hour before our portfolios were due. hahaha GO WATCH IT!!