New work for Sunsweet

When it hits 3pm and you’re looking at the clock wondering if you should indulge in a late afternoon snack or push through until dinner, The Kitchn + Sunsweet has you covered! We worked together on this shoot to give you 3 healthy and satisfying snacks that are just the right portion size so you won’t ruin your dinner!

Read the full article and get the recipes here!


Hampton Designer Showhouse for Rajni Alex Design

This summer one of my favorite clients, Rajni of Rajni Alex Design, created an incredible outdoor space for the Hampton Designer Showhouse in Bridgehampton, NY. Her space is bursting of color (which I love!), has French Mediterranean vibes throughout and don’t even get me started on that stunning bougainvillea!!


I’m so happy I was able to capture this space for Rajni and we were all so excited with how much press coverage, reposts, mentions, etc.. she got for this project! It went viral! All winter long I will be dreaming of sitting on that sofa sipping some bubbly in the late evening glow of that beautiful summer sunshine.


Self-care with Tempur-Pedic

Being a photographer, I’m always putting my body in unnatural positions to get the perfect shot. I could be looking down all day shooting tasty dishes at an overhead angle or I’ll be crouched and twisted in a corner trying to get the perfect angle of a room. After 8 years of that, my body is feeling it, to say the least. 

I’ve recently realized how important it is to stretch out my neck, back and shoulders throughout the day, get up and walk around if I’m sitting at my computer all day (even if I have a tight deadline!), and get a good night’s sleep where my neck is in the right position and supported by my pillow. Self-care is so important to keep my body going and doing what I love…taking pictures!  

Sleeping on these Tempur-Pillows helps me sleep comfortably straight through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. An added self-care bonus: a healthy + hearty breakfast in bed!


How do you self-care?!

New work for Cape Cod Chips!

Cape Cod chips are my number one go-to chip. They are perfectly crunchy, salty and sturdy. So I was super excited to work on this campaign with The Kitchn for Cape Cod's new Waves chips. These wavy chips are great for dipping so we photographed 3 deliciously hearty dips and the Waves chip stood up to the test on all of them. No chips were broken in the making of these photos!

Check out the full article and get the dip recipes, here


Influencer Campaign for DreamCloud

It's so interesting to watch marketing evolve over the years. Recently, social media influencer campaigns have taken on popularity as a way for businesses to directly reach real people with an interest in their products. 

I was hired to work on one of these influencer campaigns for a luxury mattress brand, DreamCloud. I love the creative freedom that comes with photographing and styling these types of campaigns and look forward to seeing how they evolve even more in the future!

Here's what we captured in our space for DreamCloud:


New work for The New York Times

I recently photographed and styled 3 delicious recipes for a summer spread in The New York Times about wood-fired grilling. The spread includes grilled swordfish kebabs with golden raisin chimichurri, wood-grilled Asian flavor pork chops and grilled summer beans with garlic and fresh herbs. Check out the story here, with recipe links at the bottom.