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Feb 11, 2016

New Work

The other week I was standing in the magazine section of Barnes & Noble and I felt completely grateful to count 7 magazines that had my work in it at the moment. I feel so lucky to have such great clients who believe in my work and continually give me the opportunites to be a part of their pages. It's an incredible feeling to wake up everyday and enjoy your job to the fullest and know that all the hours and hard work you put in do pay off. I am so thankful! 

I made some updates to my published work section so check it out to see some of my recent tears. 


Feb 6, 2016

Loaded Nachos for NYTimes

Superbowl Sunday is beckoning for these loaded nachos (by Sam Sifton for the New York Times). And when they say loaded, they mean LOADED. A layer of chips is followed by a layer of ground beef, then jalapenos, lettuce, avocado and the cheeses. Repeat twice and bake just enough to melt the cheese. Finish it off with cherry tomatoes, radish slices, cilantro and dots of sour cream. These will make the perfect addition to your wings and beer, I promise. 

For the recipe click here

And for the full article go here


Feb 2, 2016

Fireside Cozyness

Just a little fireside cozyness and beautiful architecture for you to enjoy!

I photographed this lobby in The New York EDITION for Hearth Cabinet. 

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Jan 29, 2016

Casserole Recipes for Taproot Mag!

There is no better time than the dead of winter to binge on casseroles, am I right!? Luckily, in the current issue of Taproot magazine, Ashley English whipped up these 3 different casserole recipes. There's the Sausage, Kale & Potato Casserole, the Shrimp & Grits Casserole and the Veggie Mac & Cheese Bake. I love all of Ashley's recipes and as always am honored to photograph them. I promise that these casseroles will keep you and your family warm and full on a drab winter night. 

For the full recipes, pick up the current issue of Taproot, SHELTER

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Jan 27, 2016

Second Cover for Naturally Magazine

Super excited to share with you all that I photographed the second cover for the current issue of Naturally, Danny Seo magazine. We photographed nine different juices on nine beautiful Wilsonart surfaces. Pick up a copy for all surface details and the recipes!