Marie Claire Maison Cover

I'm so excited to share that some recent work I shot for interior designer Tamara Magel's Scarsdale Project, was featured on the cover and as a story in Marie Claire Maison! 

MCM_OCAK (1).jpg

I have worked with Tamara Magel before and I just love the way she uses contemporary pieces that create a modern look, yet still have that comfortable, homey, feel. Her use of mostly black, white and gray in this project create a fresh, elegant look to this home.  

64_00_MCM_EMINE_EV2 (1)_Page_1.jpg
64_00_MCM_EMINE_EV2 (1)_Page_2.jpg
64_00_MCM_EMINE_EV2 (1)_Page_3.jpg
64_00_MCM_EMINE_EV2 (1)_Page_4.jpg
64_00_MCM_EMINE_EV2 (1)_Page_5.jpg

For more about Tamara Magel Interior Design click here.

Hygge Hideout Shoot for Command Hooks and Apartment Therapy


A Hygge Hideout is kind of like a fort for grown-ups....Ok, I didn't know what one was either until I got this assignment, but I'm telling you folks, this is a D-I-Y project designed to relax you, not stress you out! The word Hygge is Danish, and translates loosely into a feeling of warmth and comfort. It's a great project in the winter for everything from a drafty old farmhouse to a high-rise apartment in the city. You don't need a lot of space or materials to be on your way to a cozy reading nook or nap area. 


For the full article and how to make your own Hygge Hideout, click here.

Julia Moskin's Monkey Bread for the New York Times


I was recently asked to photograph this Monkey Bread recipe for the New York Times. Now I've had Monkey Bread before, but it doesn't even hold a candle to this gooey, sticky, sweet delicious treat! 


If you find yourself with some free time, I highly recommend you check out this recipe...and if you don't have any free time, then make some! It's that good! 


For the Times Article click here. For the recipe click here.

Feta Cheese for Taproot Magazine


I recently had the opportunity not only to photograph the process of making homemade feta cheese, but to help with the process. Kirsten Shockey's recipe was used and although I found it to taste different from what I'm used to buying in the grocery store … I also found it to be delicious!


The full article can be found in taproot (Issue 24: REST). 


DIY Travel Coffee Mug for Apartment Therapy & Dunkin Donuts

Whether you are looking to personalize your travel mug, or make a fun gift for a friend, these DIY Travel Coffee Mugs are just what you need. This could even be a great craft project for older children. You'll find with some simple ingredients and items, along with a little ingenuity and elbow grease, you can create a fun travel mug for that long commute or some office envy! 


Nail polish...


Stitched sleeve…




For detailed instructions and full article click here.