Lemon Herb Marinated Chicken Kebabs


My computer is all fixed and has finally been returned to me. After a quick little trip to the beach and some serious, anxiety-induced cleaning and reorganizing of my house I am back to work! I've been wanting to share these lemon herb marinated chicken kebabs with you for a while. Lemon, thyme and basil is my favorite marinade combination. I used it to marinate chicken because lemon and chicken is another favorite combination of mine but this also works great for fish.



If you've never had grilled lemons I have to tell you that you are truly missing out. They hold such a magically sweet, refreshing and slightly tart flavor when you stick them on the grill. Between bites of the chicken I found myself sucking on the grilled lemons, something I could never do with a regular one, my sour tolerance isn't so high. But these were just so good that I couldn't waste any of their juices!


These chicken kebabs make for a lovely, light appetizer at a party, a delicious Sunday lunch with wine or a perfect summer BBQ dish. This lemon herb marinade has lots of tangy, bold flavor, especially if you marinate your meat overnight to really let the flavors infuse.



I'm off to go catch up on editing. Enjoy!


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