Lauren Decatur


Driving down the winding roads surrounded by woods, I was excited and antsy to arrive at Lauren's home in New Hampshire. Last summer I was assigned to photograph Lauren's work space for the current issue of, Where Women Create.


Lauren is a fabulously talented felter and painter. She lives by herself in the most beautiful setting- a small little cottage nestled in the middle of the woods, located right next to a pond that is home to a large family of beavers.

Lauren Decatur_2.jpg

As we drove up Lauren immediately greeted us at the door and offered us a glass of wine, some locally brewed beer and the most delicious locally made breads and cheeses. Hospitality at its finest. She gave us a tour of her sweet little space and showed us all of her felted creatures and artwork. I don't know how she does it but each one of her animals that she felts have their own personality gleaming through.


She took us on a short walk through the woods and to the pond. Leading us, barefoot, in the damp woods, I got a wonderful sense of Lauren's connection that she has with the animals and land. I learned where all of her inspiration comes from and saw first hand how her surroundings have influenced her art. Her door is often kept open so chipmunks can come inside and eat sunflower seeds out of her hand. I have never seen anything like it. It's as if I met a real life Snow White.

Lauen Decatur_1.jpg

Ever since this day when Lauren gave us a peek into her life, I have been dying to go back and learn more about this wonderful woman. I am so honored to have spent the day in Lauren's little cottage witnessing her talent and serene lifestyle. Read her full story in the current issue of Where Women Create, you will love it.