The Hill

The hill_3.jpg

So there's this hill, it's pretty magical, especially this time of year. When I think about it, this hill kinda sorta means a lot to me. It reminds me of my time spent at photo school where I first had been introduced to this beautiful spot, it reminds me of my best friend Sarah whom is almost always with me when I'm there and it reminds me of another great friend, Kristin Nicholas. This hill is along the windy, dirt, country road that leads to Kristin's house. Sarah and I got to know Kristin while we were at photo school and have kept the relationship since. Last fall I photographed Kristin's most recent book, Crafting a Colorful Home (in stores January 2015!!). Sarah came along for one of the shoots that was in October, she is such an amazing friend and travel companion, and we were driving to Kristin's home early in the morning to start the day of photographing. It was an eery, extremely foggy morning, absolutely beautiful. It was the best foliage I had seen in a long time (this year may have trumped it though!). Sarah and I were in shock at how beautiful the fog and colors were. We ended up stopping multiple times to whip out our cameras and get shots of the landscape. I'm so happy to say that some even made it into the book!

A couple weeks ago Sarah and I took the same trip, a little get away to see the New England colors, and we ended up in the same situation: driving down Kristin's road with fog, just starting to lift, unveiling the most vibrant leaves I've ever seen. This time we came across some friends on the hill, these beautiful cows. The perfect photo-op.

The Hill_2.jpg

Kristin's hill (which is just as breathtaking, especially when dotted with her sheep):

The Hill_1.jpg

There was even a monarch butterfly (see it on the flower!?) fluttering by, my favroite, thrown in there to make it all the more surreal. Shouldn't he be migrating for winter? No complaints here.