Taproot: WILD

I've been a contributing photographer for Taproot Magazine for a while now and it's such a joy to work with them. There are some really incredible people behind that publication and I especially love that it is ad-free and reader supported. The pages are filled with great stories and I'm quite honored that I get to be a part of it. You can usually find my photographs accompanying Ashley English's recipes, which I must say are quite amazing. Although I've never met Ashley in person (but I hope to someday!) we are web friends and she is a really sweet, talented woman. And again, I'm honored to photograph her recipes.

Here are my photos for Ashley's piece, Wild within Reach, in the current issue of Taproot Magazine. To get the full recipes you can purchase the issue here.



Above: Smoked Wild Salmon & Fennel Salad

Below:Wild Blueberry Pound Cake



Below: Wild Rice Pancakes


Taproot Wild_1.jpg