Winter Tomato Recipes for NY Times


Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy recently had an article in the New York Times about turning sad, winter tomatoes from the supermarket (when fresh, local tomatoes aren't available) into something delicious. I photographed three of her recipes, the first being roasted tomatoes which were used to make the next two, roasted tomato-coconut sauce and roasted tomatoes and whipped feta on toast. I took a particular liking to the roasted tomatoes and whipped feta on toast. It had the perfect balance of flavors with the lightly tangy dressing that the arugula is tossed in. So good!


If you're a tomato lover like me these will definitely lift your spirits in the dead of winter when you can't always satisfy your tomato cravings. And I stongly recommend using the leftover oil that is infused with the basil, ginger, tomato and garlic in other recipes, such as a tomato soup or even just drizzled over some warm garlic bread.


Click here to read the full article and find links at the bottom to the three recipes.