Branding Photography for Rebecca Haas Jewelry

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting to work with the people behind the brands that I love, no matter how big or small. I love to work with other artists and makers to capture their products in a way that will really sell them and the lifestyle they represent.

Last year I purchased a piece of jewelry from Rebecca Haas. I fell in love with her work the second I saw it. It’s simple, chic and so beautiful. We maintained a friendship via Instagram being that she is in Vermont and I’m in New York and I have so enjoyed seeing all of the new pieces she creates. This past summer Rebecca reached out to me wondering if I would be interested in photographing her jewelry and I said heck yes! We were able to meet in person (up in Vermont-sooo lovely!), which was fabulous and we were able to work together on creating images for her website, social media and banners for when she goes to shows.

We had a blast working together and I couldn’t stop staring at all of her beautiful jewelry throughout the day! This subject matter was a little outside of my normal comfort zone but it’s important to always push yourself and after all, my passion is helping brands tell their story through photography and that’s what we did!